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An integrated product and project management system for Woodbender’s chair manufacturing processes whereby the business can track and control all levels of production, pricing, inventory, labour, and shipping. The Smiley platform now improves team communication and productivity, creates seamless product management and creation for all business processes, and easily allows tracking and analysis for all departments.


Enhance Woodbender's furniture manufacturing processes by improving the user experience and interface of their production and process management systems. The goal is to provide a seamless workflow, fostering better team communication and overall productivity.


Implement the Smiley platform to create an integrated product and project management system. This system will enable Woodbender to efficiently track and control production, pricing, inventory, labour, and shipping. The aim is to streamline product management and enhance the company's operational efficiency.


The challenge lies in smoothly integrating the Smiley platform into existing operations without disrupting ongoing processes. It involves ensuring a seamless transition for existing users, overcoming resistance to change, and optimising team communication and productivity. The platform must also address complexities in tracking and analysing various aspects of chair manufacturing, determining the success of achieving Woodbender's operational goals.

The Old System

Woodbender Old System


The implementation of the Smiley Project, led by the UX team, prioritised a user-centric approach and seamless integration. Commencing with thorough user research, which included persona development and a detailed user journey map, we defined precise feature requirements. We structured the platform for intuitive navigation through information architecture and translated their vision into tangible wireframes for effective stakeholder communication. This streamlined process, covering persona development, user journey mapping, feature requirements, information architecture, and wireframes, ensured the success of the Smiley Project as a user-focused solution aligned with Woodbender's goal of an efficient workflow.

Pain Points

Lengthly and confusing processes

The team faces obstacles in closing deals quickly and effectively due to outdated or inefficient sales processes. They face confusion navigating between multiple pages and platforms to find specific information pertaining to specific sales orders, increasing the production turnover time.

Lack of Real-time Insights into Sales Activities

The inability to gain real-time insights into sales activities and performance creates difficulties in making data-driven decisions and providing accurate forecasts to higher management.

Design System

An integral part of the design process was the creation of the design system for Smiley. This process consisted of creating a fresh brand identity and consistently identifying and organising UI patterns across the platform making scalability and accessibility efficient .The colour palette is clean and minimal, and the typographic palette relies heavily on the Work Sans family.

Woodbender Design System
Woodbender Design System


After conducting research and gathering insights we designed low-fidelity wireframes.

Woodbender Wireframes
Woodbender Wireframes
Woodbender Wireframes
Woodbender Wireframes


The final designs consisted of a fresh, clean, and minimal screens to easily and effectively relay important information to employees aiding them in completing their tasks quickly. The end result ensured the system is intuitive to all users and

Woodbender Hi Fidelity Designs
Woodbender Mockup

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