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A company based on the love of people, travel and adventure. We took to creating a brand and platform that would capture the excitement of winning an experience of a lifetime while giving back to the community.


The objective was to create a user-friendly platform that incentivises participation in travel raffles of which a portion is donated to charity. We completed this process by utilising elements such as clear communication, countdown clocks, and social media incentives.


The primary goal of the Travelwins project is to establish a captivating brand and platform that resonates with the love for people, travel and adventure. The aim is to offer a unique opportunity for users to win once-in-a-lifetime experiences through engaging raffles, while simultaneously contributing to charitable causes in rural areas.


The challenge involved balancing excitement with ease of navigation, integrating charitable contributions seamlessly, and fostering community engagement around the travel experiences offered.


We carefully considered the user experience and branding when designing for Travelwins. Their company goals are to sell raffles for travel and luxury experiences. While a percentage of their profits are donated to charities in the neighbouring rural areas. We started by creating a clear and concise landing page that explained the raffle and its prizes. This page included a prominent call-to-action for users to enter the raffle being highlighted for the day. A sense of urgency with a countdown clock/ limited-time offer to help increase participation.

Next, we thought about how to display the travel prizes. We used high-quality images (professional & third party supplied) and detailed descriptions to help users visualise the experience they could potentially win. We also clearly stated any restrictions, such as blackout dates or travel limitations. To encourage users to enter the raffle, we offered incentives such as discounts or bonus entries for sharing the raffle on social media.

Lastly, we made sure the website was easy to navigate and user-friendly. We used clear and descriptive links and textfields, category filters and sorting filters, throughout the site to ensure a smooth user experience. With these design considerations in mind, we created an exciting and engaging experience for users to enter the competitions.

Pain Points

Complex Navigation

Despite efforts to ensure user-friendly navigation, some users may still find the platform overwhelming or confusing, particularly when browsing through multiple raffles and prize options. This complexity could deter users from fully engaging with the platform and may result in frustration or abandonment of participation.

Limited Social Reach

While incentives are provided for social sharing, some users may face challenges in effectively leveraging their social networks to increase their chances of winning. This limitation could arise from a lack of active social connections or reluctance to share promotional content, leading to feelings of exclusion or missed opportunities for those who are less active on social media platforms.


Creating a brand based on travel, luxury prizes and gamification needed to walk the tight line of building excitement, while building trust. We opted to keep the logo minimal and clean with an icon that would be easily identifiable, but also unique enough to stand alone. The zesty lime green and pop of pink are used to purposefully direct the users attention.

Travelwins Branding
Travelwins CI


The final designs consisted of a fresh, clean, and minimal screens to easily and effectively relay important information to employees aiding them in completing their tasks quickly. The end result ensured the system is intuitive to all users and

Travelwins Result

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