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Inkblot was tasked with refining Intelligent Safe Technology's brand identity, the construction of a comprehensive design system and the intuative design of their mobile application that Safe Owners can use to manage their intelligent safes from remote locations across the globe.


The objective of the project was to enhance user experience and streamline navigation within the system by reorganising the information hierarchy of their data, standardising complex terminology for users, simplifying feature controls, implementing a design system for consistent styling, and integrating breadcrumbs for improved user orientation.


In the initial phase of design, our focus was on catering to the needs of Safe Owners, who are responsible for overseeing the safety and security of the stock within their companies. As a result, the system should provide these users with the ability to efficiently manage multiple safes which are located at various different locations.


Our primary challenge for this project was to develop a mobile app that simplifies the complex features and customisation options for individual safes depending on their unique environments.

Additionally, we had to create a user interface for safety and security features that are easily accessible in case of emergency yet resistant to accidental activation.


To simplify the navigation of the system and individual safe settings, we began by reorganising the hierarchy of information. We also established consistent terminology to describe users and feature controls across the platform. In addition, we implemented a design system to style the various levels and types of information, as well as input fields, buttons and security controls. To help users orient themselves throughout their journey, we incorporated breadcrumbs into the design.

Pain Points

Complex Navigation

Users struggled to navigate through the mobile app due to the complex features and customisation options of individual safes and other entities with in the app. The lack of an organised hierarchy of information made it difficult for users to efficiently find and access the settings they needed.

Inconsistent Terminology & Confusion

Users experienced confusion and frustration with inconsistent terminology used to describe certain features and enetities within the system. This inconsistency led to misunderstanding and difficulty in effectively managing safety and security features, thereby increasing the risk of accidental activation and potential security breaches.

Design System & Branding

An integral part of the design process was to refine the Intelligent Safe branding as well as the creation of the design system. This process consisted of creating a fresh brand identity and consistently identifying and organising UI patterns across the platform making scalability and accessibility efficient. The colour palette is clean and minimal, and the typographic palette relies heavily on the Mulish family.

Intelligent Safe Branding
Intelligent Safe Branding


The final designs consisted of a fresh, clean, and minimal screens to easily and effectively relay important information to employees. This further aids them in completing their tasks more effectively which in turn leads to higher security. The end result ensured the system is intuitive to all users while providing maximum safety for the owners of the safe.

Intelligent Safe Result

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