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Our role on this project was to develop H2O Go's brand identity, design vibrant vinyl wrappers for the automatic teller water dispensers and create the user-friendly interface screens for the devices


The objective of the project is to address the dissatisfaction that South Africans have towards the inconsistent quality of household tap water by providing them with easy access to high-quality, drinkable water through a convenient and fun brand experience.


Establish H20 Go as the go-to solution for busy individuals and families, offering 24/7 access to refreshing water that complements their active lifestyles.

Through a visually appealing brand identity characterised by cool blues and vibrant red accents, along with engaging characters and fluid shapes, we aim to create an approachable and memorable experience that resonates with our target audience, encouraging them to prioritise hydration while on the move.


The initial challenge was to create the brand of H20 Go. The brand needed to catch the attention of people passing the locations where the unit would be installed.

Furthermore, we were tasked with creatiing captivating graphics and an intuative user interface on the built-in display which plays a crucial role in guiding the user through the payment and pouring process.


We created a fun and approachable brand that families and active individuals would be drawn to. With cool tones of blues and contrasting pops of red. Exaggerated characters and shapes were used to show fluidity and staying hydrated on the move.

Travelwins Branding


Our branding approach for H20 Go is cantered on creating a dynamic and engaging experience for our target audience of busy South Africans. Utilising a vibrant colour palette of cool blues and contrasting pops of red, alongside exaggerated characters and fluid shapes, we aim to convey the refreshing and urgent nature of our high-quality water solutions. This approach strikes a balance between functionality and fun, resonating with consumers and reinforcing the importance of staying hydrated on the go.

Travelwins Branding


The user journey is displayed in a loop with illustrations and text to show what steps to take.

Travelwins Result
Travelwins Result

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